April 29, 2009

MORE NINE months

Our little angel keeps growing each passing day! Everyday there seems to be something more precious about him! He has started to do some baby talking, which is really cute! He says mama, dada to Jared, and hey! He has started to wave all the time even when there is no one to wave to, he will just sits and waves. Two nights ago he took two steps by himself, although he hasn't done it again I went ahead and marked it on the calendar! Ethan also loves bath time! I imagine most babies love the water but it is so cute how he will sit and play with his rubber ducky! Last night Jared said "Ethan mommys getting your bath water ready, go in there" and he went right into the bathroom all by himself. How cute is that?


April 14, 2009

Cards and Ethan

Sleeping after a long weekend for Easter!

One of Ethan's first teeth on the top!

Sitting on our coaster holder! We thought it looked like a stool!

Well this month is starting of with a bang! Jared and I tried another new church! The church was pretty small and had a lot of nice people, but we are still trying to decide if we are going to try it again.

In other news Ethan is 9 MONTHS! I can't believe it! It really seems like we just drove to the hospital yesterday and now he is crawling and standing! I just can't believe it! He also has two teeth and is currently teething so I think we should see a couple more pearly white in the next couple of days! I have noticed that he is also getting a lot taller! Although I am always getting comments from those nosey little old ladies saying he looks small for his age I think he is getting bigger! This past weekend was full! We went around to family and had great visits for Easter!

I have been really getting into my hobby of making cards and scrapbook pages! I have even started to sell my stuff on http://www.etsy.com/! I have my little widget on my blog page now, as you may have noticed! I have really been so busy I can't believe! Jared and I have continued to work on the lawn and I plan on uploading pictures of our flower bed when they start to bloom if it ever gets warm!

April 03, 2009

New cards!

Here are some cards I have made this past month!

New video for April!

One picture says it all!

Ethan was exploring and crawled under the end table to get the baby monitor!