November 02, 2009

Getting Bigger and bigger

Well I am back with a much needed update! Courtney has been begging me to put some pictures up so here they are sis!

Ethan is getting so big and doing so much now I find it hard to keep track. Today I was updating his baby book and couldn't believe all the words he is saying now. His favorite words are fan and light but he also says, mama, daddy, papa, ball, flower, tent, ouchie, diaper, up, out, no no, and sometimes water, bed and bath. On top of all the words he is saying he is also climbing on everything and finding new interesting ways to get onto something. He is also eating with a fork and spoon in one of the above pictures. Once I showed him how to use them he wouldn't eat without them!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, bet you can guess my favorite!