March 24, 2009

Back from West Virginia

Jared and I got the chance to visit some friends in West Virginia! We were really excited to meet there baby girl Elsha. We had a lot of fun and Ethan did great on the 13 hour trip! (and he is teething) I have also added pictures of some of my latest cards! This has really become my favorite hobby!

March 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Ethan is more and more curious everyday, he is now crawling everywhere in the house to investigate what is going on! Below I have a picture of him asleep in bed! I guess he didn't want to lay down so he just fell asleep sitting up. Also there is a picture of Ethan in front of the door, just looking out the window! So cute!

This week was mom and Randall's 20th wedding anniversary! Jared and I took them out to eat at Chedders and had a really nice time! i just happened to snap a photo of them to remember the night!

March 05, 2009

more video!

I just had to share this cute picture with you! This is Ethan posing of course! He is eating sweet potato puffs and apple juice! SO CUTE!

This is Ethan on the move! I think it is a really cute video!

March 03, 2009

Good little boy who loves to climb!

Ethan loves to climb over things! Here he is after climbing up on his walker to get to the toys!
Ethan crawled over the basket to get to the bookcase! I couldn't get my camera fast enough but it sure was cute!

As I may have mentioned before Ethan is getting around. He crawls and pulls up and today he learned how to get down from standing so he can crawl some more. He is more precious everyday! I am having trouble getting things done now because I have to watch him so carefully! I have started playpen time twice a day so that allows for some stuff to get done.