March 02, 2010

Slime Time and more progress

Our house is going to be a little messy for a while, but it will be worth it in the end. Jared and I have decided to completely redo our kitchen, which means new cabinets and counter tops, in addition to that we are also going to be adding new floating floor so the kitchen will flow right into the dining room.
We will also be adding 2 feet to each side of the kitchen, which will give us more cabinets and counter top space!! I am very excited about this! To make the kitchen look more open he is also removing the boxing that is currently above the cabinets now. So we are hoping it will make it look bigger and more open! We are very excited to get started. We are still working on picking out the flooring so we are currently on hold, but we can't wait to see the end result.

As a stay at home mom sometimes it is hard to find interesting things to keep you and your child from going crazy! One day I just happened upon a blog post by Erin Lincoln (a fantastic card designer) who posted about toddler time with her son. I linked it above. I had completely forgot about slime, I learned how to make it in a college class.

As you can see Ethan enjoyed himself very much! It is a little messy, but worth it in the end to see him have fun!
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February 12, 2010

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility

More room, More renovations needed!

He are some before and after pictures of the dining room wall Jared removed this week. We are planning on expanding our Kitchen a couple feet and this expanded our dining room a little so we will have more room. With any renovation comes a lot of stress, mostly for Jared because he does all the work. It will be worth it in the end, so I guess I will just try to think of the end product!

From his bless you after our sneezes, to his nigh nigh when we put him to bed this little boy is a true joy to Jared and I.

Every day he grows up faster, but with each new day we enjoy him more! Look how big he looks playing with his train set!

Once when Ethan had a cold we put my boppy in his bed to have him sleep on an incline. Now he won't sleep without it. Enough said

Happy Boy!

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing father and son together. So precious!

I am a huge KU fan, so while watching a game my sneaky son stole my KU hat. I just had to snap some pictures of it! He is quite the ham if you can't tell!

Ethan loves yogurt and he is also very independent these days, so here is a shot of him feeding himself, very messy!

This is one of my favorite pictures, mainly, because it has a funny story to go with it. On our way home one night Ethan fell asleep, it was early so Jared tried to wake him up on the way in the house. It appeared that he was awake, so Jared set him down in front of his feet by the door way. Right as he set him down Ethan slowly fell backward and just laid there for like 5 mins asleep. Mom just happened to be stopping by so we had to move him, when this kid is tired it doesn't matter what you do he is staying asleep!
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The title quote is by Kate Douglas Wiggins

December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

So sorry I have been slow to load new pictures. Our computer is not allowing us to load pictures when it feels like it doesn't want to so for now this is the only picture I can share because it is the only one that loaded!
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November 02, 2009

Getting Bigger and bigger

Well I am back with a much needed update! Courtney has been begging me to put some pictures up so here they are sis!

Ethan is getting so big and doing so much now I find it hard to keep track. Today I was updating his baby book and couldn't believe all the words he is saying now. His favorite words are fan and light but he also says, mama, daddy, papa, ball, flower, tent, ouchie, diaper, up, out, no no, and sometimes water, bed and bath. On top of all the words he is saying he is also climbing on everything and finding new interesting ways to get onto something. He is also eating with a fork and spoon in one of the above pictures. Once I showed him how to use them he wouldn't eat without them!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, bet you can guess my favorite!

September 25, 2009

A little playing around

Cards are #1!

Baby Model

Can we go outside yet?

September 20, 2009

A cutie in wranglers!

We dressed Ethan up in some of his Wranglers and his Cowboy boots for church this morning! What a little cutie pie he is!!

I always give him a book to read when I put him into bed and I went into check on him last night and he fell asleep looking at this book!! HOW CUTE! Well I hope you enjoyed these precious pictures! Jared and I have been having so much fun with Ethan as we watch him grow. He is a very fast learner and love love loves to have books read to him. He also loves to watch daddy work out in the addition, which is on its way to being complete.
Have a blessed day!

September 10, 2009

Ethan on the run!

Well it has been to long since my last post so I have a few new pictures for you to look at! The first picture is Ethan running around our bedroom before the carpet was put it. I know it is beautiful, but it was going to need more work than we wanted to mess with. This same floor is in the dining room so Jared does plan on leaving that there. Ethan ran around this room for like 15 mins. Don't know where he gets all that energy, but it sure is cute!

Finally, I have some pictures of Ethan and Ribbit his stuffed frog. He wanted to play with his tricycle in the house so I pushed it in. Then he grabbed his frog and started pushing him around! Don't know where he got the idea but it sure was cute! He also hugs ribbit and says ahhh the whole time!! So cute!!